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The Best first phone for Kids (with GPS)

A phone so small, that it fits the pockets in clothes for children. Body adapted to the size of a children's hand. Big sized and legible colour display. Very light (56 grams) and durable.

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Why is The Best?

The child enters the world of mobile communication in an easy way. The child learns the rules of communication. You do not have to worry about contacts with strangers and costs. The parent manages everything!

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Amazing functions.

The parent decides who may contact his child (authorisation of up to 22 phone numbers). MONITOR function – a parent can always listen to what is happening in the child's surrounding – even at work or during a business trip.

You know where is.

The GPS receiver accurately determine the location, and the phone will send an SMS with a link to the map. The position will see on a Google map.


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